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    Hey all you Kiss 92.5 listeners!! This is *Baby D,* Prez of the Cory Kimm Kids Fan Club. This site is dedicated to the one and only CORY KIMM!! Only one of hottest guys in all the world. You know what I mean. Anyway, check out all the cool Cory pages and don't forget to listen to KISS 92!!

View The Cory Book
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Cory Kimm and Fans
Pictures of CK and his adoring fans
All Write by Cory
One Minute Mini Bio written by CK
Fans Write About Cory
Fans write just what they think about the "Cute Kid" CK

Cory Question Of The Month
A different question every month! Check it out!!

Have you Noticed?
Look closely.. Can you see it??

Contact Cory Kimm
The 411 for CK

CK Chat Room
The CK Chat is finally up!!
The link to the main page is upper right.

Cory Kimm Message Board
The CK Message Bord is up!!
The link to the main page is upper right.

Visit the All New Kiss 92 Online!!
You know where he works. Check it out online


Listen to Kiss 92 (and Cory) live!!